Honors Algebra I Lab: 11.20.2013

19 More School Days until Last Day of Semester!                    Make. Them. Count.

Exploring Equations

Lesson Objectives:

  1. Students will be able to understand unit conversions, be able to convert units and critically analyze and solve problems that require different unit conversion.


Acronym Key: 

  • IW: Independent Work – Silent work time, struggle with your own brain
  • LW: Library Work – Work quietly and independently, if you have a question quietly ask a neighbor


Part 1: Do Now (IW)

  • Practice your conversions using quizlet here

Part 2: Extending our Laser Problem (IW)

  •  Complete this google form
  • Learn about light years here


Part 2: Penny Worksheet (PW)

  • With your shoulder partner, work on the penny worksheet you picked up yesterday. If you need an extra copy, see me.

Part 3: Equation Research & Share Out (IW)

  • You will research and equation and fill out the graphic organizer located here.Save a copy and edit it.
  • List of potential equations is located here.
  • Share out with your partner.


Brain Break:


Part 4: Exit Ticket  (IW)

  1. You must complete the exit ticket on your own!
  2. Exit Slip will be available last 10 minutes of classAt that point, I expect 100% silence. 



Homework – None

Quiz Retakes are Available!!!


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